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At the Vet

Our Vets

Dr. Peter Mylonas

BVSc (Syd)


Peter was born in Sydney and grew up in the Seven Hills area and was educated at Seven West P.S. and James Ruse Agricultural H.S. He attended Sydney University Veterinary School on an academic scholarship and graduated in 1975. He practiced in the Fairfield area for a short time and then became involved in the Blacktown taxi industry until he gathered the resources to open the practice at Blacktown in Partnership with his brother David in 1980. Peter is married to Rose and has four adult daughters and a son who is still at high school.

Peter and Rose have always loved animals and at one time were Golden Retriever breeders. Currently they share the care of their son’s pets which include four dogs, one cat, one rabbit, one budgie, two Bluetongue lizards and a Children’s Spotted Python. Animals and their scientific care and treatment have always been a passion.

Peter has wide experience in all forms of Companion Animal Clinical and Surgical areas and really enjoys the challenge of consultations and meeting clients. He has particular interest and experience in treating Rabbits, Birds & Rodents.

Peter is the Hospital Superintendant and handles the administrative tasks and public relations issues if they arise. He doesn’t believe in retiring and intends staying in Practice caring for your pets as long as possible.

Dr. David Mylonas

BVSc (Hons) (Syd)


David was born in Sydney and grew up in the Seven Hills area and was educated at Seven Hills West P.S. and at James Ruse Agricultural H.S. where he was Dux of the School. David attended Sydney University Veterinary School where he graduated with Honours in 1979. He practiced in the Caringbah area for 2 years before joining his brother in opening the Practice at Blacktown in 1980. David is married to Jenny and they have five adult children between them.

David being the most academic of the Practice Vets seems to have an encyclopaedic knowledge on all things Veterinary and he can provide those invaluable second opinions when diagnostic options are limited. David is the Head Surgeon at our Practice because of his gifted surgical ability and his great patience in performing most types of general and orthopaedic surgery. Most often David is found in the Surgery doing what he does best.

Dr. Tony O'Callaghan

BVSc (Qld)


Tony hails from Brisbane where he grew up in a large family and attended good Catholic schools where he excelled in sport and in his academic results. Tony attended Queensland University Veterinary School where he was able to combine an active social life with the pursuit of his degree which he obtained in 1983.

Tony initially worked in Mixed Practice in the Nerang area but luckily for us he decided to come south to escape the tropical sun. Tony’s first position in Sydney was at the Practice at Blacktown where he was an immediate hit with the clients because of his friendly and outgoing personality and his excellent clinical and surgical ability and great relations with the clients and patients. Peter & David Mylonas quickly recognised the asset that Tony was to the Practice and offered him a partnership.

Tony is married to Miriam and they have four children. Tony and Miriam have shown and bred Staffordshire Bull Terriers but now they show and will breed Bull Mastiffs. Tony and Miriam have four very BIG dogs.

Tony has wide experience in all aspects of Veterinary Care and has owned and raced Greyhounds and Thoroughbred horses. Currently he is developing skills in surgical artificial insemination of dogs and basic chemotherapeutics for patients with cancer. Due to his popularity Tony does a lot of consulting and will be in Practice at Blacktown for the long term.

Dr. Ben Hawtrey

BVSc (Hons) (Syd)


Ben was born and bred in the Seven Hills area and was educated at Seven Hills West P.S. and then at James Ruse Agricultural H.S.. Ben attended Sydney University Veterinary School where he graduated with Honours in 1987. Ben came straight to the Practice in Blacktown as an Assistant Veterinary Surgeon and quickly became an Associate.

Ben is married to Sharon and they have two older boys and two beloved dogs. Despite opportunities to move to his own practice Ben seems to prefer the challenging professional and friendly atmosphere at Blacktown. And we are glad he is part of our team and we expect he will stay for many years to come.

Ben is a very caring and talented Veterinary Surgeon who always puts that extra effort into his cases. He will always check his cases that extra time and will often spend time his patients during treatment and recovery. Ben is an excellent all-round Companion Animal Clinician and Surgeon and although he is the youngest of the vets he has been in practise at Blacktown for over 20 years.

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